Sunday, August 1, 2010

I never want to leave this cottage!

I'm at my friend's godmother's cottage, and I seriously never want to leave.

This is the view at the moment, overlooking Georgian Bay in northern Ontario. Stunning place!
It's been great to get to rest and relax. I finished the second draft of Blueberry right before leaving, and the plan here was to let my mind wander and not focus on anything new-book-related.
But it's wandering toward a sequel for "Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many". I had already planned another book but it seems to want to pick up some characters from "Seven" and go there instead.
So maybe I'll do that next! It's great to have the freedom to choose, and when my mind seems to want to write a particular book I'm not sure it's wise to get in its way. :)


Nakamaru said...

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Aarin Kaur said...

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