Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My baby's at the vet

I can't focus. Poor Sapphire.

She's been not quite right the last few weeks. I hate typing 'weeks', but it's true: we've let it go that long. It's hard when it's a sort of gradual decline rather than "bang, the cat is clearly sick".

Fortunately, she had her checkup the beginning of October so we have recent data to compare her current situation to. Unfortunately, she's lost nearly a pound since then. That's a lot for a cat who had already lost a bunch of weight. Her temperature's also a bit high, which could signal an infection.

She'll be at the vet until Friday, getting IV fluids and being tested for everything they can think of. And all I can think of is, "How am I supposed to work until she comes home?" I can't focus.

Did I take her there in time? Should she have gone in last week? The week before? If she doesn't make it, is it my fault?

She's going to make it. She's only ten and we'll do whatever she needs to make her healthy again.

And I am going to work today. Not because I even remotely feel like it. But because Sapphire likes to sit on my desk and "help me work" (which involves leaning on the keyboard and shedding fur on the screen) and she'll be disappointed if I don't make any progress while she's gone. I'm a professional writer. Today I have to make myself act like it.

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