Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sorry, Bonsai Story Generator, Those Ain't Titles

I am still hunting for a title for Blueberry. I have several in the works, but nothing is really grabbing me.

A while back Lynn Viehl blogged about ways to find titles and mentioned the Bonsai Story Generator. Basically, you paste in text from the book and it recombines the sentences into new ones.

I did this with Blueberry's entire manuscript today, and while I didn't get titles I did get some interesting sentences. Please note that none of these are actually in the book. :) I particularly like the second-last one for its "well, of course" aspects and the last one for its "what drug are you on and where do I get it?" feel. :)

Here are the highlights of what the Bonsai Story Generator gave me.
  • To my surprise, Kegan's neck and he couldn't get divorced next to me.
  • I will go home and said, I saw it No doubt.
  • He wrapped an ass, then back at me.
  • I couldn't let him say it wasn't his mouth, lost my momentary control of those was feeling like that first No.
  • I couldn't look like they're red-hot metal.
  • I bit my brush with you.
  • Unbelievably, I spun around me.
  • He picked a long moment, savoring how to rebuild his head sharply.
  • My body was only half a glass.
  • He left without my behind-the-scenes work.
  • He went out with my shoes.
  • And I'd let it swell within the stones.
  • She trailed off, and I didn't want Kegan making cookies.
  • Fire flashed through my confusion.
  • could she be a little whimper, unable to escape this idiot.
  • And you were sitting with me and it's because I knew better.
  • We had sex with the big ones, anyhow.
  • I'm a chorus of a cat, lime green with another man.
So they're not titles. But a few made me think ("my body was only half a glass" is especially neat somehow) and several made me laugh out loud. So I'm glad I tried it out!


Jennie said...

This one sounds SO dirty: He left without my behind-the-scenes work.

Heather Wardell said...

I know! "Not without my behind!" :)

Unknown said...
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