Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly Report: November 27, 2010

For this last week, I tried out moving my work week from Sunday-Thursday instead of Monday-Friday. I usually do a long run on Friday, and after that I'm never in a mood to do much more than lounge on the couch. So now I can! It worked great this week - I ran yesterday then watched the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie and worked on my mother's dog fur mitts. It was great!

So now the weekly report will come on Saturday instead of Sunday. Mark your calendar. :)

This week, I planned to:
  1. Spend 1:15 a day on Dinosaur, 6:15 for the week.
  2. Spend 2 hours a day on Blueberry, 10:00 for the week.
  3. Do 3 hours of promotion-related tasks.
  4. Achieve 19:15 of work time.
What did I actually do?
  1. Dinosaur: 6:37
  2. Blueberry: 10:01 (I didn't do the extra minute on purpose, that just happened to be when I was done :)
  3. Promotion 2:54
  4. Total 19:32
Not bad, huh? I spent a bit of time on promotion that didn't get counted in that time, mostly involving sending out review requests for various books, so I'm not sad about being six minutes short there. And I'm especially happy...

Because Blueberry is done! :) This coming week I will read it top to bottom, and then find it a title and a cover and get it ready to be released in January! Woo! :)

Getting 19:32 was a bit of a challenge, so I'm going to stick with a 19-20 hour work week this week. (Again, don't think I spend the rest of my days on the couch with bonbons. Laundry and housework and drum practice and groceries and checking email and cooking and all those sorts of things get done before the bonbon time. :)

This week, I will:
  1. Spend 1:30 with Dinosaur each day, for a total of 7:30 for the week.
  2. Spend 2 hours a day on Blueberry and/or Cookie (which needs to be reread in preparation for its second draft) depending on which seems to need me when. I'm starting with Blueberry and might not get to Cookie this week, but it's here in case I do! Total of 10 hours on these two books.
  3. Spend about 2-3 hours on promotion. I need to review what I've done so far and see what I want to change for Blueberry, and will also be emailing my mailing list next week so I need to finalize that.
  4. The week's total is 19-20 hours depending on how much time the promotion needs.
As for the 101 list:
  • I'm beginning to think I'm incapable of finishing the dog fur yarn set! But it WILL happen this week. I have nearly finished the mittens and then just need to add the fur cuffs and put the pompom on the hat and we're done. I'm seeing my mother this coming weekend so it'll be done by then if I have to stay up until midnight. :)
  • I was to give a stranger a compliment and I totally forgot. =( So that'll stay on the list!
  • I tried two new recipes. Both Ravioli with Apples and Walnuts and Spaghetti with Sweet Potatoes and Ricotta were quite good and will be added to my cookbook.
  • I didn't post re my Kuwait trip. It's a bigger project than I thought it would be, since I have tons of pictures and need to narrow them down, and it got overwhelming given how busy my week was.
This week, 101-wise, I will:
  • finish the dog fur yarn set regardless. No more excuses. :)
  • NOT plan to do the Kuwait post. I want to take time to relax and really savor the memory of it and this just isn't the right week for that.
  • find a stranger and compliment it. :)
  • continue with my running and NaBloPoMo's daily blogging.
I'm tired but it's the good kind, from having worked hard and made good progress. I feel good about the coming week, and I hope you do too! :)


Jennie said...

I can't wait to read sounds like a delicious read! ;)

Heather Wardell said...

Thanks, Jennie! I hope it is. :)

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