Monday, November 29, 2010

Dinosaur Bones Everywhere!

Poor Dinosaur. I busted it!

But I don't think it's permanently disassembled. See, sometimes the process of planning a book seems to move along in a nice orderly fashion. And sometimes it's more like herding fifty kittens with ADHD. Guess which one Dinosaur is? Right. Cat central.

This time, the surface plot turns out to not really be what the book's about. On the surface it's about the music industry but the real story is about accepting who you are. I do always try to have multiple layers to my books, but it hasn't ever been so dramatic before so it's making the planning process much trickier. My desk currently bears THREE different scene lists with very little in common.

It's both frustrating and fun, surprisingly. The frustration aspect I'm sure is obvious ("how will these pieces become a plot?") but the fun might not be. I want to get better with every book, and the workout Dinosaur is putting me through can only make me stronger.

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