Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11, 2008: Interview with myself

So, what's your issue, exactly?
I feel frustrated. I hate not having my schedule all to myself, and three out of five afternoons this week are out of my control.

Are you still getting work done?
Yeah, because I refuse not to, but I feel all scattered and mangly.

Is mangly a word?
It should be if it's not.

Is there any point in getting yourself in a knot over stuff you can't control?
Only that I'm really really good at it. Really. Might be my best skill.

Might want to work on that.
Yeah, maybe.

But seriously. How many words have you got on Raoul this week?

In three days.

Are they good words?
Most of them. And some are even in the right order.

Is it possible, just possible, that you're beating yourself up for no good reason? That you're letting the weirdness of the week's schedule make you feel like you're accomplishing nothing when in fact you're doing well?
This interview is over.

I'm just saying. And maybe do something fun? Something that's NOT just watching Corner Gas at lunch (lovely though that is?)
I need to get better at this.

Luckily, this week gives you lots of practice.

Writing Project:
Raoul's first draft
Time Planned: 2 hours plus type-in
Time Spent: 2 hours plus an hour type-in
Favourite Part: describing hockey without using the words 'boring' or 'who cares'

Exercise: 45 minute run outside - went out faster than I should have and ended up sustaining it throughout - I'm better than I think.
One Fun Thing I Did Today: nothin'. See above.

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