Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3, 2008: Day 2 of Raoul, off the outline :)

Those of you who were around when I got married (800 years ago this August) may remember the schedule I made for the big day, right down to the minute. I took considerable mockery for this, as I recall. HOWEVER, on the wedding day I didn't worry about whether we stuck to it. The schedule was for me, to make sure we hadn't forgotten to, you know, have the cake picked up at the bakery or have something there for me to change into afterward. Once it was all scheduled and I knew it would work, I went with the flow.

Do you see where this is going? My FIRST SCENE is not how I outlined it. I saw this starting yesterday but didn't finish typing it in until today.

And yet, I am a happy camper, and thrilled with the 5314 words (but who's counting?) I've got so far. Why? Because, armed with my outline, I know I'm not lost. I'm just taking a different route, but the destination is still the same.

Unless that changes too, at some point. :)

Writing Project: Raoul's first draft
Time Planned: 2 hours writing, as long as it takes to type in the rest of yesterday's and today's new work
Time Spent: 2 hours writing, 1 hour 50 minutes typing in
Favourite Part: "tighter than a size six bathing suit on a size fourteen swimmer"

Exercise: 45 minutes elliptical
One Fun Thing I Did Today: nothing yet, but there'll be video games tonight, and two scratch-and-win lottery tickets I found when I cleaned up my desk. :)

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