Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008: Priorities

I was offered an interesting gig for the month of July, posting news articles to a site I visit frequently. There was even a few hundred dollars in it.

But I said no. And I'm thrilled with myself for it.

Writing Raoul is my top focus. My other goals and tasks are secondary. Choosing to add this new project, which would require about an hour a day, might not have stopped me finishing Raoul by July 31st as I plan. It probably would not have stopped me. But it would definitely have made me work a lot harder and my stress level would have been considerably higher.

I said no because I want to be a published novelist, and I don't want to take on anything else that will interfere with that. I'm so happy I recognized the danger before I automatically said yes (and I did nearly offer to help "if he was desperate" but avoided that little pitfall as well).

Perhaps in gratitude, Raoul went really well today. A little piece of information I'd planned to share later appeared in today's scenes, which is great because it came out as a natural part of a conversation, and I'm hearing Tess's voice and words more and more clearly.

Moving from hyper-private MC to Tess, who has a temper and isn't at all afraid to share her opinions, is a challenge. But I love it.

Writing Project: Raoul
Time Planned: 2 hours plus type-in time (I scheduled up to three hours)
Time Spent: 2 hours plus 1.25 hours (the other 1.75 went to working on an online course)
Favourite Part: being tired in the last 15 minutes of writing but getting a really great ending to the scene in question anyhow

Exercise: scheduled rest day
One Fun Thing I Did Today: looked at LOLCats. Yes, I do this every day, but this cat looks so much like my Sapphire I couldn't stop laughing.

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