Saturday, September 6, 2008

101 in 1001 update: September 6, 2008

First off, happy birthday to my father. May you have thousands more, and always be just as weird as you are now. (But no weirder, please!)

So, I've been back to work this week. I re-read Raoul on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday and Friday because I LOVE IT. It's exactly what I wanted it to be. Sure, there are rough spots, but the core of it is what I wanted to achieve and I'm thrilled.

Now, to sand off all the rough spots and make it sparkle!

As a result of my obsession with Raoul, the 101 tasks kinda... well... did I mention I love Raoul? :)

Yes, I DID add words to my free rice total. A lot of them. The counter reads 11,100 at the moment. The trick is, I don't know exactly how many I have because I reinstalled Windows XP on my laptop and forgot to check the total before I left! I THINK it was at about 115,000 at that point, and we will just say that's where it was. So now my total is 126,000. Not bad.
No, I did not add things to my 'list of interesting things about me'. I've decided instead to incorporate those three lists into my weekly planning/review session (which happens just before I come here and do this) so I'll add one a week.
Yes, I did carry on with my 15+ minutes a day reading. One day this week it was only Raoul, but I am working slowly through an Iain M. Banks novel (SLOWLY... parts are hilarious but so far it doesn't seem to make a story) on the other days.
Yes, I did carry on with my knitted sweater. I also started crocheting a big plushy shawl to wear as a coat substitute in the fall.
Yes, I did carry on with the Artist's Way book and am partway through week 11. I'll finish it and week 12 up next week, and I have bought a compendium of it and the next two books by Julia Cameron, so I think I'll just carry right on into the next one!
No, I didn't do private #101. I completely forgot. :)

Not bad, really. It's funny how it always feels like I've done so much less than I really have. (That, right there, is likely what someone'll put on my tombstone. :)

This week, I will:
#1 add another 7000 grains of rice. They've added math and grammar and foreign language questions, which ups my interest level considerably.
#44 check my records and figure out just how many authors new to me I've read so far and list them. I think the count is WAY off at this point.
#55 carry on with the sweater of doom. At the rate I'm going, I should have the fronts done by the end of October at the dead latest, and then I have a month for each sleeve. Is there hope??
#58 make my tea towels with the day of the week on them. (They're cute. Cartoon teapots.) I have to iron on the design and then paint 'em with fabric paints, which will be this week's Artist Date (part of the Artist's Way book). Once they're done, I'll start the 'have the right one up each day for a month' part of the task.
#89 finish the Artist's Way book.
#101 begin again.

Not bad. In other news, I will begin editing Raoul on Monday. The first few scenes currently involve a joke I'm going to remove, so there shall be much surgery. But then it should be smooth sailing. (Look for a post in about three weeks that completely disproves this theory. :) I'm also still prepping queries for Seven.

Have a great week!

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