Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love the support, bloggy types!

I posted my Thursday update and then wandered off, and came back to such lovely support! Thank you so much, I truly appreciate the concern. :)

Now, I do have an unfortunate tendency to be too hard on myself. Very true, well spotted. However, this diet is actually working against that tendency, not with it, and I think I should have explained it better when I posted it.

Monday to Friday the rules are no sweets, no snacks, no seconds. That's intended to be a hard line, beyond which one does not cross. On weekends and holidays, though, those things are no longer against the rules.

As I work through the days with this, I'm beginning to really get why the rules are the way they are. When you eat only three meals in a day, you really pay attention to them. I'm naturally finding myself eating more fruits and vegetables, just because not having them on the plate just looks wrong. I ate some Christmas cookies this weekend, and a few chocolates, which is perfectly acceptable and I enjoyed them. Even better, I found myself not stuffing in more even though I know I won't get them until next weekend, because I'm used to one meal and then stopping eating.

Have I lost weight? I think so but I'm not sure as I'm not weighing myself. I do feel a little smaller in spots. But what's better is that I feel better. So that rocks.

So it's discipline for the regular days and freedom on the other days. That's why I wasn't able to say that I did Thursday 'right', because I broke the rule. But I do know that as rule-breaking goes, it's barely visible without a microscope, and by no means did I beat myself up for it. :)

I've been off-line this weekend, just for a nice change. This coming week was supposed to be another "one Aardvark a day week" but it won't be.

BECAUSE I HAVE MY AARDVARK! :) I had a weird dream Thursday night and woke up all freaked out, and just as I started to go back to sleep I realized the dream was my Aardvark, and that's it. :) And I know for sure it's the one I want to pursue because a) I don't want to talk about it at all (even Mr. W knows nothing more than "it's about that weird dream I had"), b) I keep imagining scenes, c) I can HEAR her, hear how she sees her world.

Interesting question to ponder: would the Aardvark dream have happened had I not been putting weeks into working on Aardvarks already? I suspect not so much.

I am SO far behind on reading my blogs it's not even funny. I apologize wholeheartedly. I miss you guys! :)


Lauria said...

Aha! I understand now. That sounds like a cool plan.

And WOO HOO! AARDVARK!! That's totally exciting. :D

Anonymous said...

That is an interesting diet. Now I am having an urge to try crocheting an aardvark.

mini witchy said...

I like the leeway way in your plans. Very sensible, I know I can't stick to anything if it's too restrictive.

Congratulations on Aardvark! I can't wait till you can post more about it.

Also, totally unrelated, but did you make those calendars in the sidebar yourself or did you find a nifty table-maker somewhere that I should be aware of?

Jennifer said...

The diet does sound very sensible. If only I weren't on sucky medication that plays games with my blood sugar... said...

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