Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekly Report: December 4, 2010

This week, I learned that when you have a busy day coming, you should notice this and not assume you'll get the same amount done as on a day when you have nothing planned. (Obvious, yes, but I can be a little slow. :)

My plans for this week were:
  1. Spend 1:30 with Dinosaur each day, for a total of 7:30 for the week.
  2. Spend 2 hours a day on Blueberry and/or Cookie (which needs to be reread in preparation for its second draft) depending on which seems to need me when. I'm starting with Blueberry and might not get to Cookie this week, but it's here in case I do! Total of 10 hours on these two books.
  3. Spend about 2-3 hours on promotion. I need to review what I've done so far and see what I want to change for Blueberry, and will also be emailing my mailing list next week so I need to finalize that.
  4. The week's total is 19-20 hours depending on how much time the promotion needs.
What I actually did:
  1. Dinosaur got 6:00 for the week.
  2. Blueberry got 10:10 and I didn't get to Cookie.
  3. Promotion took 2:34.
  4. The week's total was 18:45
This isn't bad given that Thursday afternoon was spent at an elementary school band rehearsal (helping out with the band that's joining my concert band for tomorrow's concert). I knew that ahead of time, so why I didn't take it into account when making my plans I'm not sure. But I was still awfully close to where I wanted to be, so that was great!

On the 101 list front:
  • I DID finish the dog fur yarn set! About 20 minutes ago. :) But it is DONE! Pictures to come - I'll take them when it's not dark out. It looks really good!
  • I complimented a cashier on her gorgeous white furry jacket.
  • I ran 4 times this week.
  • I finished NaBloPoMo!
So pretty good there too! It's funny, really... a few weeks ago when I decided to buckle down and track my time, I was struggling to get past 12 productive hours a week. Now a ROUGH week is nearly 19. It amazes me how much harder I can work than I usually think I can!

This week, I have my band concert tomorrow, so the day will be less than productive. Including that, my plans for the week are:
  1. Spend 10 hours on Dinosaur. I want the scene list finished (I'm getting there!) so that it can rest until January when I'll begin the first draft.
  2. Spend 4-5 hours on Blueberry and Cookie. I'm not positive yet whether I want to have Blueberry's print proof ordered before we leave for Florida; if I decide yes, it'll get all the time, if not, I will reread Cookie instead. We shall see. :)
  3. Spend 1-2 hours on promotion. I want to have a draft plan of how to promote Blueberry in place before Florida so that I can reread it after with a little distance.
  4. Aim for 18 hours of work. More is good. :)
I don't have a lot of time for 101 tasks this week, but I will continue with my running, photograph and then post about the dog fur set, and see if we can get tickets to the Arrogant Worms concert in Toronto in December.

Oh yes, and I want my Christmas shopping done before we leave on the 12th. :0

That sounds like just about enough to keep me out of trouble! :)

Have an amazing week!


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