Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's up this week? (Oct 23rd)

I used to post a weekly "what I'm doing this week" thing, half a plan for me and half a "what does a writer do anyhow?" thing for you. I miss it, so it's back!


I'm writing the first draft of a book codenamed Gemstone, and it's currently at around 32,000 words. I will write for two hours a day, so a total of ten hours. I usually get around 2,500 words during those two hours so I'm aiming for 12,000 or thereabout to be added to the book. (I have a slight advantage because I have around 1,400 words lingering in a not-quite-finished scene from last week!)

I've tried doing my writing by having a word count goal, but I just find the time goal feels better to me. That two hours is handled like this. For 50 minutes I put my head down and write like the computer will blow up if I slow down. If I finish a scene, I go back and reread it to fix any little things that aren't quite right, then I go on. After that, it's a ten-minute break (usually spent crocheting!) and then another 50-minute burst. I'm tired after but it works for me.


The book currently known as Eaglet (see an excerpt on my Facebook page!) is going to be my December release. I'm about 1/3 done its final reread and polish, and I'll be spending an hour a day on that.

Business-type stuff

I can't exactly release Eaglet in December with a blank cover with the word "Eaglet" scribbled across it, so this week after I'm done writing and editing is all about finding the right title and cover. I may not have it perfect by the end of the week but I intend to have something.

Personal-type stuff

I'm running a 5K race this Saturday so I will do a few more light training runs and then get out there. I've been burned this year by trying so hard to go fast that I end up walking more than I like (I do not have a natural runner's build. I am built like a long-distance swimmer, or in more typical terms kind of like a refrigerator :). For this race I will run 2.5 km, walk for a minute, then run the rest. The final time is irrelevant. (Let's hope I remember that at the fourth km where in the past I've frequently come apart!)

In February I'll be playing drum set for a local production of "Fame: The Musical". We got our music this week and wow. Seriously challenging for a novice drummer like myself. There needs to be daily practice. And there will be. :)

Now I'm off to run, so I'll throw it out to you: what are you up to this week?

Whatever it is, I hope you have a great week! :)


Jennie said...

I love the insight into your writing technique. Good luck on the race!

Heather Wardell said...

Thanks, Jennie! I hoped it might be interesting to get a peek into my weirdness. :)

And thanks! This morning's run went great so with any luck... :)

Anja M. said...

I am going to get " not sick" anymore. The weather has been back and forth from warm to cold to warm again. Easy to catch a cold :( therefor I can read some books from the to read list and wait for December to come and a new Heater book be available :) .

Besides that, I really need to get better so I can keep on working on the bathroom renovations and fix my utility sink in the basement since that started to clog up and caused a flood yesterday...
Have a great time on your run and enjoy playing drums :) my oldest is learning to play saxophone right now and therefor there is daily practice going on here - partially a little screechy but he will get there :) have a wonderful week!!!!

Heather Wardell said...

No being sick! I know what you mean, though, the way the weather fluctuates doesn't do anyone much good!

Saxophone can be... painful when played by a beginner. I hope you survive it. :)

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